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    Jurtin Gernot GesmbH · 7,4km
    Poststrasse 2
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    Tel.: 06232 4084

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  • The highest Quality standards in wheel design

    The product strategy of DOTZ is to deliver wheels that adhere to the highest possible quality standards. We subject our wheels to a number of tests and processes to ensure that these high quality standards are met.

    It starts by perfectly organising our wheel design development. All of our production partners (also subject to mandatory ISO 9001 certification) share our high quality standards as well. During production, we continuously test our wheels to make sure that they conform to size specifications and that the materials are homogenous. We also carry out a factory exit check to ensure that the wheels are of proper density and are free from visible defects. Before delivery all DOTZ alloy wheels undergo stress tests involving 200,000 load cycles performed by TUEV. An impact test is also carried out simulating a collision with a curb stone.

    picture by: Tuning Magazin/Fotografie Bongartz
    DOTZ quality control

    Only when our wheels pass all of these tests are they delivered to our customers all over the world from our distribution warehouse in Siegburg.

    These tests, coupled with our untiring efforts to continually develop all of our designer wheels on the market, form the cornerstones of DOTZ quality assurance policies. In so doing, we are able to meet the demands of our customers and make the highest engineering standards compatible with attractive wheel designs.

    ISO Certificate 9001

    ALCAR TECHNIK UND DESIGN GMBH and ALCAR LEICHTMETALLRÄDER GMBH, who develop and distribute the wheel brand DOTZ, are certified for their quality management by the German technical certification institute TUEV. This certification is renewed on an annual basis and guarantees continuous improvements in the development of our wheel designs and in customer service.

    ALCAR ISO 9001 TUEV Certificate 2015

Jurtin Gernot GesmbH · 7,4km
Poststrasse 2
5310 Mondsee
Tel.: 06232 4084

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