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SP5 dark

With the SP5, DOTZ offers everything a car needs for an aggressive performance at one go.

Once again, DOTZ delivers the hardware for all car owners that won’t settle for rally stripes and strive to make an energetic impression.

The most striking detail of the 5-spoked SP5’s modern design language is the three-dimensional look. This is made possible due to the geometric forms fitted on the spokes which give the rim a highly technical dual effect. The appealing contrast between the gunmetal finish and the polished well further enhances the effect. The wheel’s extreme concave construction follows the most recent U.S. rims and tuning trends, emphasising the high “Special Performance” factor of the DOTZ SP5, available in 18 to 20 inch for a wide range of European car models.

8.0 x 18 · 8.5 x 19 · 9.5 x 19 · 8.5 x 20 · 9.5 x 20

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