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Shift pinstripe red
the racing gear

The Dotz Shift Pinstripe red is the sporty choice for compact and mid-sized cars.

Seven slender, edgy double spokes make the wheel look light weight and aggressive while the deep lip adds a racing touch. The recessed center allows for 4- and 5-hole connections without affecting the design. The new developed asymmetrical inlay in the rear ring of the deep lip makes the Shift a typical Dotz wheel. The racing-oriented Shift pinstripe red boasts red, lacquered pinstripes in the groove of the outer rim edge as well as a red inlay and logo written on the black center cap. The wheel is available in numerous ABE applications from 16” to 19” and is TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) approved.

7 x 16 · 7 x 17 · 8 x 18 · 8 x 19

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