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Revvo dark

Time for a change! Not too many cross-spoke designs appear so light, stylish and aggressive.

The very concave wheel appears sporty and filigree and meets one important criterion: it is light. The polished rim well in combination with the decorative bolts makes for a perfectly balanced look. An additional important feature is the undercut in the area of the non-contact expiring upper edges of the spokes.

Be it for a BMW 3 or 4-Series, Audi S3, A4, A5, Golf GTI, Nippon-Racer or many other cars – the Dotz Revvo dark caters to trendsetters. The dimensions also provide for a staggered fitment in 19 and 20’’.

Viva la Revvolution!

7.5 x 17 · 8.0 x 18 · 8.0 x 19 · 8.5 x 19 · 9.5 x 19 · 8.5 x 20 · 9.5 x 20

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