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the classic tuning wheel

With ten Y-spokes, the Dotz Mugello complies with the highest possible standards while retaining supreme elegance.

It is as modern as the Italian racetrack of the same name – and equally as sporty. A name with an attitude, Mugello is located to the North of Florence in Italy and is known as one of the safest racetracks in the world.

Now, the action-fueled and exciting motor sports course has given its name to a refined yet aggressive Dotz rim. Y-spokes give the Mugello a timeless design and, as a result, can be seen on modern vehicles as well as many retro cars.

It was specially developed for use with run-flat wheels and sports a distinctive contrast between its black basecoat and polished surface.

Dotz’s Mugello offers the perfect choice for individualists on the lookout for performance accessories.

6.5 x 15 · 7 x 16 · 8 x 17 · 8 x 18 · 8.5 x 19

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