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With its new Kendo alloy wheel Dotz takes the style of the legendary Ninjas on the road.

When driving, the new alloy rim Kendo from Dotz gives the impression that the extremely edged design of the wheel turns into whirling blades rotating around the strongly polished centre part. The particularly aggressively and jaggedly kept angle connectors of the struts are real highlights. They are arranged in pairs each featuring different thickness and thus showing individual character and a lot of dynamic activity. The compactness of the wheel hub area ensures low dead weigh at the same time. This, in turn, underlines the sharp effect of the wheel and embodies highest possible agility.

But the Japanese Kendo is also about a sturdy character and moral strength: That is why the Dotz wheel of the same name has a general operating permit for a lot of vehicles and is fit for installation of sensors for tire pressure control systems (TPMS).

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