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the samurai sword among rims

Uncompromising and sharp – the Dotz Hanzo is the sword among tuning rims.

Its five spokes are reminiscent of a traditional Japanese samurai’s blade. The name of Hattori Hanzo, legendary samurai, ninja and strategist of the 16th century, has been well known in Japan for more than 400 years.

Thanks to US director Quentin Tarantino’s movie ‘Kill Bill’, in which the most skilled of all swordsmiths carries the name of the legendary samurai, Hanzo is now famous within the younger generation.

In the movie, Hanzo uses his ample experience to work on a blade which becomes his career’s masterpiece.

Inspired by Hanzo’s story, Dotz has designed a rim in Japanese samurai style and has named it after the ninja legend in respect of his work.

The Dotz Hanzo is a solid one-piece rim with a five-spoke look similar to the curved blades of a samurai sword.

The spectacular design underlines the uniqueness of every car and boasts a distinctive contrast between the spokes with a matt black basecoat and polished surface.

However, customizing options don’t stop there. A matching hubcap set in yellow, orange, green or silver indicates the size of the mounted rim in inches. Also available are inlays for the spokes that can alternatively be used as Dotz stickers for your car to make every tuning fan’s heart beat faster.

As an addition to the existing program a 7,5x17 is in the line of the samurai swords and gives a ABE solution for cars with high offsets. So applications for Ford Focus, Audi A3, BMW 1, Honda Civic, Mercedes C-Class, Seat Leon and VW Golf are available.

8 x 17

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