• Dominic Tiroch

  • Teamrider Dominic Tiroch imported a 1995 Supra Turbo from Japan and turned it into a gleaming automobile Samurai.

    It was in 1993, when the Japanese engineers focused on the Toyota Supras essential characteristics, got rid of all the frills and stripped the Supra down to its very best features. In terms of drivability and components, the 1995 model can easily match up to a Porsche 911, Corvette or Nissan 300ZX – and that’s especially true for the JZA80 that Dotz teamrider Dominic Tiroch imported from Japan two years ago. Its sequential twin-turbo with ceramic shafts (one of them feeding the low end, the other making sure that the car’s thrust also resembles that of a jet plane in higher ranges) powers the European version of the Supra with its 2JZ-GTE engine to 441Nm and 330HP. During one year of fine-tuning, Dominic beefed up the power of the Japanese car, which still makes for an unusual sight in his father Knud Tiroch’s Hotrod Hangar, to 520HP and 580Nm. Despite its high-volume tailpipe, you can’t hear the vehicle’s pure power in the lower speed ranges, where the Supra sounds more like a purring water buffalo.   

    Car Brand:

    Supra RZS J-Spec (JZA80)
    2JZ-GTE: 550hp, 580Nm
    weight reduced to 1385kg
    HKS 620 fuel injectors
    HKS Dl ignition
    SARD racing catalytic convertor
    T25 + T28 original Toyota ceramic turbocharger with reinforced HKS innards
    APEXI N1 cat back exhaust system
    KOYO race radiator
    GREDDY engine oil cooler
    T25 + T28 Keramik APEXI N1
    KOYO Race Radiator
    HKS turbo timer
    GREDDY boost controller
    CUSCO strut brace
    TRD upgrade anti roll bar
    TEIN superstreet coilovers
    DOTZ Fast Seven 8,5x19“ front, 9,5x19“ rear
    Full Aibrush by Hotrodhangar Tiroch
    Name: Dominic Tiroch
    Birth: 23.12.1986
    Favourite Food: all
    Favourite Music: all
    Favourite Sport: drifting 
    Sponsors: DOTZ
    Web: http://www.tiroch-art.com/
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