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  • Hannes rises to the air since 30 years. 1982, at the tender age of 15, Hannes flew a glider for the first time alone.

    His talent and his knowledge of flight quickly aroused the interest of major sponsors and in 1995 Hannes and some colleagues founded the Red Bull Acro Team, which was known for his spectacular aerobatic stunts. In 2000 followed the founding of the company Airpro, which specializes in film production and stunt coordinating and had its expertise proven in films like Willy Bogner's "Ski to the Max". But Hannes did not just work for others, he wanted to create something new, something unusual, something provocative, something crazy, something bang hard. The Red Bull X-Alps was born. In 2005, Arch then followed the call of Didi Mateschitz to the Red Bull Air Race. First he was race director, in 2007 he became "Rookie of the Year" at the F1 of the skies. The pilots compete in the slalom with a single-engine propeller plane with almost 350 hp. At speeds of up to 400 km/h centrifugal forces go up to 11g. 2008 was the great year of Hannes Arch at the Red Bull Air Race: only once he was not at the podium. The coronation of this flight art culminated in the season finale in Perth: with a stunning finish the Austrian flew away of his competitors and won the Red Bull Air Race-world title 2008.

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    Car Brand:

    front axle:
    rear axle:
    Range Rover
    Sport HSE

    Territory 20”
    Name: Hannes Arch 
    Birth: 22.09.1967
    Profession: Aerobatic and stunt pilot, race pilot, helicopter pilot, paragliding and hang gliding pilot, mountaineer, B.A.S.E. jumper
    Aircraft: Zivko Edge 540 V3
    Hometown: Trofaiach, Austria
    Biggest Success: Red Bull Air Race World Championship
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