• Dotz Girl Maria

  • Exotic flair meets dream car: Dotz Girl Maria poses against the hottest tuning car 2017, the Dotz DD1.

    DOTZ Gir Maria
    As a child I was
    … in my home country under palm trees

    My favorite destination is...
    ... of course, my native Dominican Republic

    My dream house stands
    ... at the beach, somewhere in the Caribbean

    If I could go shopping as if there’s no tomorrow, I would:
    I would be the happiest person in the world

    My Trademark:
    … my rolling “R” and my rear

    What car makes a man cool:
    … In Latin America big cars are beautiful, pickups, etc. But since my shoot I have been dabbling in cars a bit and now I’m a big fan of the DD1 with which I was able to shoot.

    In my spare time
    … I love going out with friends, especially when there is food and good wine. I also like inviting my friends over to cook for them at my house

    What is particularly important to me:
    … to be loyal to everyone without any exceptions

    My favorite Dotz rims:
    … Dotz SP5. With this rim, I did my Dotz shoot. I like it because it’s extravagant and yet simple and elegant
    Name: Maria
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: black
    Height: 165cm
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