• Dotz Girl Loraine

  • Loraine Bayard loves the 8C Spider in white, the rush of speed and any car with an extra compartment for chocolate.

    Dotz Girl Loraine – how does this sound to you?
    Hmm... good question. A bit mysterious, I’d say.

    Do you have any role models in the world of modelling?
    I don’t have one particular role model, but I think Gwen Stefani is awesome. I’m fascinated by her style and appearance.

    Your favourite car?
    An Alfa 8C Spider, the perfect mixture of sporty and sexy.

    In what color?

    Shiny or matt?
    Shiny: when the sun is shining, it looks beautiful.

    What accessories are a must in your car?
    A big illuminated mirror and an extra compartment for chocolate and sweets (laughs) – I really have a sweet tooth.

    What interior features should your car have?
    That would definitely have to be black leather seats and a matching steering wheel. Besides that, I’d need a good hi-fi system for the right sound and a sat nav so I don’t get lost.

    What features do you want your car to have on the outside?
    Cool alloy-rims visually round off a car’s look.

    Do you prefer cruising or speeding?
    I love cruising around in the city in summer but I have to admit that I’m more into the rush of speed..

    Which do you prefer: American road cruisers or European city racers?
    American road cruisers, the always turn heads.

    How would you describe your driving style?
    As I’ve only been driving for a short time I like to try out new things. However, I often catch myself enjoying driving fast...
    Motto: No matter what happens, always stay true to yourself!
    Hometown: Siegburg
    Favourite food: Chinese
    Biggest success: That I'm able to live my dreams
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