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  • Julia P. was interviewed about her favourite car, the way she drives and why she would love to race.

    Dotz Girl Julia
    If you could put a car together yourself, what would it look like?
    It would have to have something of an off-roader, a Little bit of a sports car and ideally also be a convertible.

    What's your favourite car out there at the Moment?
    Audi Q7.

    You like being high up?
    Yes. You simply feel very safe and comfortable.

    What about a truck?
    Perhaps a bit too high.

    But you’d like something with that kind of power?
    Yes, I would.

    How fast should it go?
    Pretty fast.

    What are you driving at the moment?
    My mother’s Suzuki.

    Doesn’t exactly sound like a speedster.
    True, the Suzuki’s enough to get me from A to B. Sometimes even a bit faster. (Pause) But not a lot faster.

    Do you have something like a racing driver gene? Not that I know of. At least, there’s no one in my family who ever took on Niki Lauda or Dieter Quester.
    Would you fancy racing?
    Definitely. Really putting your foot down, without having to worry about getting a ticket. An doing it in a car when you know it makes sense to put your foot down. When things really move. I would really love that.

    You sound as if you’ve had quite a bit of experience with cars.
    I’ve driven a lot of cars, from a Ferrari to a Jeep. I can’t say that I’ve ever been afraid to drive a fast or a big vehicle.

    Ladies and gentleman, a tried and trusted test driver. How did that came about?

    By chance. For example, I did a few test drives for a television station and gained a lot of experience. There were some great cars involved.

    So if we see a Porsche coming towards us with a young blond behind the wheel, that could be you?
    Maybe (laughs).

    What’s your favourite interior? Finest leather, teak, or stripped down to the bare essentials?
    I would like sporty and elegant best. I’d like fine leather (black) and chrome trim as well.

    When you were a child, did you prefer driving a go-kart to dressing up a Barbie doll?
    Both! I had a Barbie Ferrari which I played with, and when my brother got a go-kart I drove it as well! (Laughs)

    And finally: If you could choose one of these extravagant extras, which would you go for: Hot air nozzles integrated into the headrests; a perfume dispenser; or a transparent bonnet? Well, I don’t know what the hot air nozzles are supposed to do, so I’d tend towards the transparent bonnet. Then at least you’d know what’s going on behind the covers.
    Name: Julia P.
    Residence: Upper Austria
    Favourite food: Chocolate 
    Biggest success: Vice Miss Austria 2005
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