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  • Dotz Girl Dani can’t wait for the new Audi R8 Spyder, prefers rally to Formula 1 and says she is addicted to Red Bull.

    Dotz Girl Dani
    How do those closest to you see you?
    I don’t really know how they see me. I can only say how I see myself: as an ambitious spontaneous, honest, helpful and sometimes impatient person who often expects too much from people.

    As a kid you were...?
    Unattractive. I wore glasses and braces and had a haircut that made me look more like a boy than a girl. Fortunately I’ve destroyed most photos from this period! ;-)

    If you could become someone else for a day ...
    I’d like to be a man! I’ve always wanted to know what makes them tick and if they really always think about the one thing all the time. ;-)

    If you were invited to a talk show, what would it be about?
    Why women are better drivers but don’t know how to park.

    Who or what makes you laugh?
    Steve Martin in “The Pink Panther”. I must have seen this movie a hundred times but it still makes me laugh out loud.

    If you had to cook for someone, what would be on the menu?
    “Bauernspätzle” with a green salad. And a Sachertorte (traditional Austrian chocolate cake) for dessert!

    If we’d pay for a trip to anywhere you want, where would you go and who with?
    To the Caribbean of course! White sandy beaches, turquoise waters and palm trees.. what more could you want? I’d take someone with me who I really care about and who deserve to come.

    If we’d build your dream house for you, would it be a log cabin or a mansion?
    Definitely a mansion on the Pöstlingberg with a pool, terrace, garden and at least two garages. From up there you have a spectacular view of my hometown of Linz.

    If you could create your dream car...
    I don’t need to create it because my dream car will be out in 2010: the Audi R8 Spyder, white with black rims. But it would be great if it could park itself because I hate parking!

    And what would the Audi have to be equipped with?
    Definitely with a navigation system because I can’t rely on my sense of direction! In addition, it has to have cup holders because I’m addicted to Red Bull! And since I think that seat heating is one of the best inventions ever I’d like to have one of those too. ;-)

    Formula 1, Rally or MotoX?
    Rally because it’s a lot more exciting than just going round in circles. I’m not that much into MotoX – I prefer cars.

    Young, single, on the lookout or taken?
    That’s private ;-)
    Hobbies: modelling, reading, movies, cooking, traveling, shopping, relaxing at the spa
    Favorite music: House, R&B, Pop
    How I keep in shape: body styling and Pilates
    What's important to me: modelling jobs that are fun and spark my creativity
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