• Dotz Girl Conny

  • Conny, the Dotz Girl 2015 is very rich in contrasts. Black as ebony are her hair. Red as blood are her lips. But what is really colourful is her body.

    As a kid I was…?
    totally normal and rather inconspicuous

    My favorite destination is...

    My dream house stands ...
    on a desert island

    If I could go shopping without limit I would buy...
    1. a Ford Mustang 1965
    2. a lot of clothes
    3. shoes, shoes and more shoes ...

    My Trademark...
    My Tattoos

    What car should a cool man drive ?
    BMW X5

    In my spare time I do ... 
    Roller skating, swimming and everything to do with fashion

    Particularly important to me ...
    my family

    My favorite Dotz rims ...
    Dotz Kendo

    Name: Conny
    Eyes: brown
    Hair: black as ebony
    Lips: red as blood
    Height: 180 cm
    Skin: very colourful
  • Dotz Girl Conny

    Wheel of choice.

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