• Karolina Pilarczyk

  • Karolina Pilarczyk: a rising star in the drift sky. The Polish girl is the always cheerful sunshine in the Dotz drift team.

    Karolina has dreamed of becoming WRC champion in her early days. Until she has noticed that the use of the handbrake does not really fit to the full throttle sports – so she became fond of drifting. That was in 2005.

    Drifting has a lot of competitors in Poland - but since it is mainly operated by men, Karolina had to find her own way. "If women are to prevail, we must be aggressive and fast," Karolina says. And she has learned quickly. The colleagues from the drift scene pay sufficient respect. She is "fast, has excellent technique and a very good style" her competitors say.

    When it comes to her drift car - a Nissan 200 SX (S14) - her friend Mariusz, who is also her mechanic, is the go-to-guy. In the heart of the Japanese car of the Polish girl an American is going to work: the General Motors-built LS3 V8 6.2 powers the Nissan with more than 600hp. And the Nissan has already led to some successes. On the plus side of the Polish drift girl is a second overall place at the Queen of Europe in 2013, when she missed the championship after two race wins only by a few points.

    Car Brand:


    front axle:
    rear axle:
    200 SX (S14)
    LS3 V8 6.2 + supercharger
    tremec gearbox, RECARO seats, Apexi suspension, ABMax body kit
    DOTZ Fast Seven team edt. white
    Pirelli Nero GT
    facebook, website
    Name: Karolina Pilarczyk
    Birth: Dez. 28th 1979
    Profession: IT product manager
    Favourite Food: huge coffee Latte ;)
    Favourite Music: Linkin Park
    Favourite Sport: Drifting ;) but also tennis, swimming, running with my dogs :)
    Biggest Success: The joy and apreciation of the audience when they look like I'm drifting. 
    Sponsors: DOTZ, YATO, PIRELLI, HPG, partners-OMP, RECARO, Eurol, moto.pl, ABMAX
  • Karolina Pilarczyk

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