• Raceism: Tuning to the LimitOn July 8th and 9th, the Polish city of Wroclaw set the stage for one of Eastern Europe’s biggest tuning events. Hardcore tuning fans flocked from all across the continent to the Raceism event – Dotz was also there to take a good look.

      24.07.2017 by Christian Horvath | 966 ViewsRaceism: Tuning to the Limit
    • 2JZ GTE engine disassemblyIn our fifth episode, the 2JZ GTE powertrain is disassembled from the Toyota Aristo front cut under fairly complicated conditions.

      20.07.2017 by Stefan Rötzer | 144 Views2JZ GTE engine disassembly
    • Z4 powertrain disassemblyIn the fourth episode, we’re getting straight down to the nitty-gritty. Daniel and Christian get to work on the 3.0si engine of our BMW Z4...

      13.07.2017 by Stefan Rötzer | 311 ViewsZ4 powertrain disassembly
    • The Workshop FinalThe time has come: Our 2JZ GTE engine has been delivered. Toyota has installed this engine, which is legendary among tuning fans, not only in the Supra but also in the then luxury limousine called Toyota Aristo.

      30.06.2017 by Stefan Rötzer | 509 ViewsThe Workshop Final
    • Kulturschock in NewcastleAs of late, the northern English city has been hosting a show & shine for cars of all makes and origins. Dotz was there for an on-site inspection.

      30.06.2017 by Christian Horvath | 921 ViewsKulturschock in Newcastle
    • One Team, One Goal – the DOTZ DD2.JZIf you want to realise a successful project, you need to bring together the best minds. Since all good things come in threes, DOTZ has completed its team around the project car with Daniel Koltay and Stefan Rötzer.

      12.06.2017 by Hieronymus Tupay | 218 ViewsOne Team, One Goal – the DOTZ DD2.JZ
    • DD2.JZ – „German Beauty Meets Japanese Muscle“A Bavarian-Japanese alliance is setting new standards and co-operating using a joint platform for a new production vehicle

      11.06.2017 by Hieronymus Tupay | 321 ViewsDD2.JZ – „German Beauty Meets Japanese Muscle“
    • Hail the Lake!This year’s tuning bash at Lake Wörth once again pulled out all the stops. Golf monster-hps and a small-scale powerhouse made heads turn. The so-called “Gummiplatz” and the Dotz booth, as usual, were the ultimate hotspots at the GTI convention in Reifnitz.

      09.06.2017 by Christian Horvath | 521 ViewsHail the Lake!
    • Tuning at the lake: GTI convention in AustriaThe event prior to the actual GTI convention is becoming more and more a real alternative to the car show at Lake Wörthersee. The fans of the Wolfsburg-based company feel the same way. But the real thing also grows: up to 15 per cent more fans were coming to the official GTI meeting at lake Woerthersee

      31.05.2017 by C. Horvath | 454 ViewsTuning at the lake: GTI convention in Austria
    • TWB: Summer can comeThe Tuning World Bodensee once again register a new visitor record. Dotz also got a lot of attention with the DD1 and Dotz girl Maria

      10.05.2017 by Christian Horvath | 394 ViewsTWB: Summer can come
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