• DOTZ Kings of Sideways: Phase II

    The Dotz BMW E92 DD1 entered the next stage of development: to the spectacular outfit the interieur of a power drift car has been added

    DOTZ Kings of Sideways_DD1 EMS_(c)dotzmag.com_David Maurer
    After phase I, presented at Essen Motor Show 2012, the engineers of the Dotz Kings of Sideways team worked during the winter months on a proper engine and perfecting the noble racer as a drift car.

    DOTZ Kings of Sideways_Engine_(c)dotzmag.com_Thomas Lehner-2.jpg
    The result is a S54 E46 M3 3.3 liter inline six-cylinder engine with 343 original horsepowers, which is charged with an oil-cooled C38-92 Rotrex compressor up to 550hp.

    DOTZ Kings of Sideways_Engine_(c)dotzmag.com_Thomas Lehner-3.jpg
    The racing engine in the BMW was refined at Tomi Workshop with the necessary items such as Wiseco racing pistons, Carrillo rods and a handmade racing flywheel.

    DOTZ Kings of Sideways_Engine_(c)dotzmag.com_Thomas Lehner.jpg
    For the appropriate lubrication of the DD1 E92 Motul provided his racing motor oil 300V Le Mans 20W60.

    DOTZ Kings of Sideways_under car_(c)dotzmag.com_Thomas Lehner.jpg
    Over three Tilton racing clutch plates and a 6-speed transmission the power is transmitted to a LS differential with a 4.1 final drive ratio and thus allows an easier introduction drift.

    10_DOTZ Kings of Sideways_KW suspension_dotzmag.com_David Maurer_672px
    KW even built a special chassis, the Competition 2A, for the DD1. It balances the racer with with separate adjustment of train and rebound. Equally important are the bespoke wishbone and the modified steering angle.

    08_DOTZ Kings of Sideways_Falken_dotzmag.com_David Maurer_672px
    For the right grip of the car Falken provided the Azenis FK453. This tyre is characterized by excellent grip and is extremely abrasion resistant.

    16_DOTZ Kings of Sideways_DOTZ Kings of Sideways_dotzmag.com_David Maurer_672px
    These tyres are mounted on Fast 7 DD1 edt. mint rims, which Dotz specially developed for the Kings of Sideways project. On the front axle in 8x18 for a perfect steering and at the rear axle in 9,5 x18 for optimal power transfer.

    09_DOTZ Kings of Sideways_K-Sport break_dotzmag.com_David Maurer_672px
    K-Sport took care of a dosed and simultaneously effective brake control. At the front, it is the 6-piston system KS-BV 219 with a disc diameter of 356 mm and a the rear the 4-piston variant, the KS-111 BH 330 mm.

    DOTZ Kings of Sideways__(c)dotzmag.com_David Maurer.jpg
    For a sufficient fuel supply a Bosch 044 fuel pump is mounted in the tank and a Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump is responsible for the forwarding. Over a DASH 8 fuel system and 10 micron filters the fuel gas is then brought via the 750cc Bosch injectors into the combustion chamber.

    17_DOTZ Kings of Sideways_Remus_dotzmag.com_David Maurer_672px
    Remus is responsible for a controlled exhaust condition. The race exhaust system has been specially made and is exactly matched to the engine displacement and engine characteristics of the drift-car.

    11_DOTZ Kings of Sideways_Cooling System_dotzmag.com_David Maurer_672px
    The DD1 was equipped with a sophisticated Mishimoto cooling system. Performance-and M-line cooler control the air conditioning of the engine. Equally important are oil cooler, radiator fan and the cooling of the power steering, which is in continuous use while drifting.

    The optical appearance was the work of Knud and Dominic Tiroch atHotrod Hangar. With a seven-layer airbrush painting the precious drifter became a real eye catcher.

    In the previous grinding and polishing for the final work on the outer skin the Hotrod Hangar used Festool-products.

    13_DOTZ Kings of Sideways_DD1 Interior_dotzmag.com_David Maurer_672px
    The drifters work area is equipped with an OMP steering wheel drift, with an AIM MXL Pista dashboard and an e-break handmade by Tomi Workshop.

    14_DOTZ Kings of Sideways_DD1 Interior_dotzmag.com_David Maurer_672px-2
    Sprint racing seats from Sparco provide the necessary support, ...

    15_DOTZ Kings of Sideways_Rollcage_(c)dotzmag.com_672px
    ... a special-made safety cell an extra dose of security.

    18_DOTZ Kings of Sideways_DD1 first start_dotzmag.com_David Maurer_672px
    With all these details we were able to try it with good conscience: the first test of the Dotz BMW E92 DD1.

    19_DOTZ Kings of Sideways_Dominic Tiroch_dotzmag.com_David Maurer_672px
    Dominic Tiroch climbed behind the wheel to complete the first test kilometers. And to tune into the battle of the year:

    DOTZ Kings of Sideways_DD1 vs Plane_(c)dotzmag.com_dotzmag.com
    Dotz Kings of Sideways, where Dominic will be competing with his BMW in a gymkhana duel against former Red Bull Air Race world champion Hannes Arch. Video release for the spectacular horsepower-show is May 23rd 2013.

    22_DOTZ Kings of Sideways__dotzmag.com_David Maurer_672px
    Pros are not only in front of the cameras, but also in the back. GoPro provides with it´s extreme sports cameras the perfect footage of this extraordinary duel of modern knights.

    23_DOTZ Kings of Sideways_Media Partners_dotzmag.com_David Maurer_672px
    In addition, a number of prominent media are also featuring the Kings of Sideways: the colleagues of Auto Bild Tuning, Tuning, VAU-MAX.de, drifted and Chromjuwelen have already familiarized themselves with drift racing.

    24_DOTZ Kings of Sideways_Media Partners_dotzmag.com_David Maurer_672px-2
    During a trial weekend at Efrat Hoffmanns & Adam Franks MyWay drift school all have acquired the license for the King of Europe Street Legal class.

    So we are all perfectly prepared for Dotz Kings of Sideways, the battle of the year.
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