• The trial wedding

    posted: 31.08.2017
    by: Stefan Rötzer
    tags: drifting , video , outdoor , tuning , Facebook , BMW , dotz wheels , DD2.JZ
    In the tenth episode of our DD2.JZ project Daniel and Christian are trying to get the freshly assembled 2JZ.GTE engine into the body of the Z4. In this episode, you will see how lucky the two are on this day even though they were about to throw in their towels due to a missing special tool.

    Before the trial wedding can be carried out the two fit the two-disk clutch with the 2JZ.GTE. The missing centring pin (special tool used for clutch centring) costs Daniel and Christian a lot of time and nerve.

    With joint forces, they manage to install the clutch without special tools, and they continue to attach the gearbox to the engine.

    It is unbelievable! The long tinkering has finally paid off. After exchanging the oil pan with another one the 2JZ.GTE actually fits into the BMW body without additional modification measures. Daniel and Christian are visibly relieved.

    In our next episode, you will see how the heart of our DD2.JZ is installed using custom-made engine and transmission suspension.
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