• Dominik‘s 2012 “Polow”

    posted: 19.04.2017
    by: Marc Jambor
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    Illertissen is a town in the Swabian administrative district Neu-Ulm, roughly 25 km south of Ulm and 30 km north of Memmingen. And it is the home of 26-year-old Dominik Rapp.

    VW Polo on DOTZ Revvo
    This report is all about his modified Polo. Dominik bought the Polo 6R GTI in 2012. Ever since then, significant changes have been made to his Volkswagen.

    VW Polo on DOTZ Revvo
    Shortly after the purchase, with the help of his friend Rahmi, Dominik installed K-Tech coilovers to gain more ground proximity. However, at the beginning of this year, the little Wolfsburgian went up in the air again after Damiano from V-Unlimited built in a TA Technix Airride with a G.A.S. air suspension kit.

    VW Polo on DOTZ Revvo
    Dominik left the fenders in original condition since it’s his firm belief that “fat cheeks” are not particularly aesthetic.

    VW Polo on DOTZ Revvo
    The selected Dotz Revvo dark in gunmetal and the size 7.5x17’’ ET 35 with a 185/35 17 fitment have proved a perfect match under the near-ground body. The markedly concave Dotz Revvo ooze a chic sportiness while being exceptionally light-weight. The polished rim well further provides a nicely balanced rim look.

    VW Polo on DOTZ Revvo
    Irrespective of the BMW 3 or 4 Series, Audi S3, A4, A5, Golf GTI, Nippon Racer and various other car models – with the Dotz Revvo trendsetters get their money’s worth. The dimensions have been selected such that staggered fitments are possible in 19 and 20 inches, too. The small white giant’s engine also remains original while only a central silencer replacement offers better sound and less counter pressure.

    VW Polo on DOTZ Revvo
    Thanks to the Ulm-based Dollfolia company the outer wear also got a makeover and is now designed to match the So.Ga police theme for this year’s So.Ga convention at Lake Garda. That’s where Dominik rides to every year since its beginning to meet old and new friends and to have a good time.

    VW Polo on DOTZ Revvo
    All in all, the Polo turned into a real eye catcher, and Dominik plans to exhibit his car on some conventions this year. We wish him all the best and, above all, a dent-free 2017 season.

    Photos: Foto Fuchs Fotografie
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