• DD2.JZ – „German Beauty Meets Japanese Muscle“

    posted: 11.06.2017
    by: Hieronymus Tupay
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    A Bavarian-Japanese alliance is setting new standards and co-operating using a joint platform for a new production vehicle. If you are to believe the rumours, BMW is launching a new version of the Z4, this time as an open roadster with a fabric top, and the Japanese are reviving their Supra, in the form of a coupe.

    The new project car:
    DD2.JZ – German Beauty Meets Japanese Muscle

    Objective: A comparison of new and old technology – marking the new release of the BMW Z4 successor and the Toyota Supra in 2018, respectively.

    New project car Details
    Dotz is equipping the venerable hull of a Z4 convertible with a 2JZ GTE Toyota engine. The 3-l twin turbo engine has been way ahead of its time, even in the year dot due to the powertrain’s enormous potential. Originally installed in the Toyota Supra MK4 and the Toyota Aristo, the powerhouse managed to show off its performance power mostly in the throttled state only. Therefore, Dotz decided to bring the machine closer to its actual limits.

    An Infernal Japanese Machine
    In the first expansion stage, the 2JZ-GTE engine will be installed in the Z4 convertible together with a Getrag V160 6-speed gearbox. Prior to that, the engine compartment and the transmission tunnel will have to be largely rebuilt and all engine mountings as well as gearbox mountings newly made. In addition to this, the original twin turbos will be modified to produce a larger single turbo in a twin scroll design. Furthermore, larger injection nozzles, a more powerful fuel pump and software optimization by a freely programmable control device will be installed. This will boost engine performance to around 650 to 680 hps once the first expansion stage is completed. In the second phase, which starts in spring 2018, the engine will undergo further optimisation. For this, additional work at the innermost part, for example the crank drive, will be required. In the final version, the Japanese powertrain will produce between 900 to 1000 hps.

    Project Duration
    Over the course of 16 months, Dotz will accompany the transition in all communication channels using multimedia. The highlight will be the direct comparison with the two manufacturers’ respective new models in 2018.

    DD2.JZ project Partners
    Since such a large project cannot be realized just like that, Dotz is more than happy to have some important partners onboard. A big shout-out to:

    RP Tools
    , providing Dotz with the entire workshop equipment. The project can be realised only by using a hydraulic two-ram lift, workshop car including complete work tool set, engine-powered hoisting crane, welding units, sandblasting equipment as well as an extensive range of other small materials.

    Low, low – Just so that the wheels can snuggle up tightly against the project car’s wheel wells the boys from Lowrider.at, the Austrian air suspension specialists, have instantly agreed to support the Dotz project with an Airride by U.S. premium manufacturer Air Lift Performance, with Lowrider.at not only providing the material but also their know-how for the perfect technical implementation and installation.

    CEK – Custom Engineering Koltay
    is a young, Austrian company focusing on custom-built products such as exhaust systems, performance enhancement and complete tuning packages for regular and motorsports cars. The Dotz project car supports Daniel Koltay in the “operation on the open heart”, the engine, while being responsible for the final fine tuning.

    BMW and Toyota test mules already sighted on the roads
    In 2012, BMW and Toyota had already agreed on the joint development of a sportscar. The rumour mill has been running since 2016, and now the first images of the two test mules are circulating on the Internet. The BMW, coded internally as G29, was to become a Z5. This, however, has been debunked recently by a U.S. BMW blog. The Toyota, on the other hand, was sighted in Germany with a Munich licence plate. However, aficionados knew instantly that it’s not a BMW. Or is it?
    Owing to the busy goings-on in numerous blogs, forums and social media platforms, the Bavarian-Japanese alliance activities remain suspenseful. Dotz is particularly pleased about this development, considering its efforts for the unique project confirmed.

    Dotz will periodically present information on the developments of the prototype DD2.JZ. We recommend you stay tuned. There will be intriguing videos, interviews and photo series.
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