• Gymkhana Vienna

    posted: 14.07.2011
    by: Christian Horvath
    tags: Action & Sports

    Ken Block, horsepower-freak from the States, engraved the concrete in front of a shopping mall next to Vienna last sunday. The youtube-icon chose Vienna for his only European stop of the Gymkhana World Tour.

    Thanks to Monster Energy US-rallye star Ken Block chose Vienna for his only European tourstop. The Gymkhana-superstar from California is touring with a live-version of his legendary youtube-videos over the world.

    And of course people gather when a superstar this level calls. Around 25.000 fans were there, when Ken Block started his Gymkhana World Tour, which will take him to L.A. and Sydney afterwards. byPACOimages

    Before four wheels got hot, the audience got to see a lot of single lane warm up programm just after hiphop-band „Die Vamummtn“. Bavarian Reiner Schwarz brought his Harley stuntshow to Vienna, to perform wheelys on bikes which are just not made for this – like a V-Rod, for example.

    Or to transport his co-drivers a rather unusual way, till they scratched the concrete with their helmets.

    Well known from their Masters Of Dirt-performances are the Fuel Girls. This time they accompanied...

    ...Vienna Street Rockaz: Dotz teamrider Steve Brokisch, Andreas Gottschlich and Kurt Rubik.

    The devils with handlebars showed nosewheelies, burnouts and circle combos.

    Next to the Fuel Girls the Masters Of Dirt weren´t missing as well. A tight show was part of the Gymkhana World Tour. byPACOimages

    Martin Schenk, Alastair Sayer, Nate Adams and Bilko Williams performed supermans, tsunamis and backflips with their fmx-bikes. byPACOimages

    The right rhythm for the afternoon came from the beat percussion band „Drumatical“.

    And where fmx are, the mountainbikers show their skills as well. Sam Reynolds and Bienvenide Aguardo got themselves pulled over the big kicker with 60km/h to even show some backflip superman to the burning fans at 35 degrees.

    Till finally Ken Block steered his 650hp strong Ford Fiesta onto the venue. byPACOimages

    The master of burning rubber showed every stunt known from his Gymkhana-videos like spectacular, sustained drifts,...

    ....donuts accurate to the millimeter and...

    ....even the segway-stunt known from part II and III of the Gymkhana-videos.

    Block was afterwards pretty amazed by the surgency of Austrias audience: „I´m totally shocked, which huge crowd gathered here. It was just great to perform in front of such a setting.“

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