• Scott On Air

    posted: 22.06.2011
    by: Christian Horvath
    tags: Action & Sports

    The fourth time some of Europes best dirtjumpers came to Willingen with their mountainbikes to contest for a prize money of 2.500 EUR and a set of Dotz rims.

    As a side event of Sympatex Bike Festival Willingen Scott On Air, organised by Timo Pritzel, meanwhile has enough good reputation to attract some of Europe’s best dirtbikers. ©Viktor Strasse

    Markus Hampel took care of a spectacular show-jumping course with his experience on obstacles, optimized jumping ratio and perfect landing hills. ©Viktor Strasse

    In a sort of jam-format the judges elected the bikers. ©Viktor Strasse

    And everybody who dared could participate: ambitious dirtjumper got a chance to qualify and match with the professionals in the top 20 finals saturday night. Among those were Xavier Pasamonte from Spain, John Alm Högmann from Sweden and local Felix Rosendahl as well as Amir Kabbani, who was mountainbiker of the year 2009 and 2010 and also won himself a set of Dotz rims already. ©Viktor Strasse

    The hosts took care of heaps of media coverage, so the 36.000 fans, which came to the Bike Festival, had something to look after when coming home. ©Viktor Strasse

    So the track was ready for all the mountainbike pro-tricks. No matter if back- or frontflips, whips or supermans – the skills level was amazing. ©Viktor Strasse

    Almost a tradition already at events like this one is a sponsor with a big name: Didi Mateschitz and his Red Bull empire. ©Viktor Strasse


    Besides it was all a huge party: around 50 bikers came to Willingen to cause a great stir. ©Viktor Strasse

    Tricks were mind-blowing, the setting was perfekt although... ©Viktor Strasse

    ...one or the other bike went down cause of the pushes. But in an anticipatory manner Timo took care that a chiropractor was on site who didn´t repair the bikes but the bikers. ©Viktor Strasse

    And after a hard labors day…©Viktor Strasse

    …stuffed with no-footer and no-hander the jury agreed to a winner. ©Viktor Strasse

    And this once again was Amir Kabbani, who could take home another set of Dotz rims. Second was Urs Reinosch ahead of Tobi Wrobel. ©Viktor Strasse

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