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  • German Beauty Meets Japanese Muscle
    Dotz is equipping the venerable hull of a Z4 coupe with a 2JZ GTE Toyota engine. The 3-l twin turbo engine has been way ahead of its time, even in the year dot due to the powertrain’s enormous potential. Originally installed in the Toyota Supra MK4 and the Toyota Aristo, the powerhouse managed to show off its performance power mostly in the throttled state only. Therefore, Dotz decided to bring the machine closer to its actual limits.

    • Fits. Matches. Wiggles and has air. In this episode, we’re moving ahead with big steps. As the well-attuned duo has already done the perfect groundwork, the Toyota aggregate is installed in the BMW body in no time.

      21.09.2017 by Stefan Rötzer | 23 ViewsFits. Matches. Wiggles and has air.
    • Custom-made engine suspensionIn our 11th episode, Daniel and Christian are trying to install the Toyoto engine in the BMW Z4 body. Since the 2JZ.GTE engine was mounted on completely different points on the body of the former Toyota Aristo, the two technology freaks must build their own engine and gearbox suspension.

      05.09.2017 by Stefan Rötzer | 268 ViewsCustom-made engine suspension
    • The trial weddingIn the tenth episode of our DD2.JZ project Daniel and Christian are trying to get the freshly assembled 2JZ.GTE engine into the body of the Z4. In this episode, you will see how lucky the two are on this day even though they were about to throw in their towels due to a missing special tool.

      31.08.2017 by Stefan Rötzer | 105 ViewsThe trial wedding
    • New parts for our 2JZ.GTE engineFinally! After the elaborate renewal of the brake lines and the realisation of a self-built fuel system, in this episode, Daniel and Christian are finally unpacking all the parts they ordered.

      24.08.2017 by Stefan Rötzer | 250 ViewsNew parts for our 2JZ.GTE engine
    • The brake linesAfter Daniel and Christian realised in the last episode that the brake lines were terminally rusted, the two decided to carry out a complete renewal.

      10.08.2017 by Stefan Rötzer | 150 ViewsThe brake lines
    • The fuel system is giving us a hard timeIn the seventh episode of our DD2.JZ project, Christian and Daniel had to thwart all their previous plans. They initially thought of using the BMW Z4’s original tank. However, its disadvantageous construction has forced them to find an individual solution.

      03.08.2017 by Stefan Rötzer | 324 ViewsThe fuel system is giving us a hard time
    • The 2JZ GTE gets a face-lift!In our sixth video, we show you how Daniel and Christian enhance the looks of the 2JZ GTE engine they have just removed from the front cut. After all, we want our DD2 to look impressive not only on the racetrack but also on various exhibitions.

      27.07.2017 by Stefan Rötzer | 568 ViewsThe 2JZ GTE gets a face-lift!
    • 2JZ GTE engine disassemblyIn our fifth episode, the 2JZ GTE powertrain is disassembled from the Toyota Aristo front cut under fairly complicated conditions.

      20.07.2017 by Marion Geyer | 668 Views2JZ GTE engine disassembly
    • Z4 powertrain disassemblyIn the fourth episode, we’re getting straight down to the nitty-gritty. Daniel and Christian get to work on the 3.0si engine of our BMW Z4...

      13.07.2017 by Stefan Rötzer | 390 ViewsZ4 powertrain disassembly
    • The Workshop FinalThe time has come: Our 2JZ GTE engine has been delivered. Toyota has installed this engine, which is legendary among tuning fans, not only in the Supra but also in the then luxury limousine called Toyota Aristo.

      30.06.2017 by Stefan Rötzer | 592 ViewsThe Workshop Final

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