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    See how your preferred tuning wheel looks on your car - virtual bling in a matter of minutes!

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    Jurtin Gernot GesmbH · 7,4km
    Poststrasse 2
    5310 Mondsee
    Tel.: 06232 4084

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  • At the brand new ALCAR Playground there’s no limit to your creativity! In addition to rims by Dotz and partner brands AEZ, DEZENT & ENZO, you can choose from plenty of options ranging from body kits to spoilers and vinyls to design your personal dream car.

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    DOTZ Tuning Playground GT86

    The ALCAR Playground is fairly easy to use. It’s intuitive and requires no lengthy explanations. Simply select a car from the wide range of current and older models and go! The highly realistic 3D quality provides optimal support when it comes to taking the really important decisions. Should I go for the shiny silver rims or matt black after all? Are the 19 inch deep lip wheels the right ones for my car, or should I take the concave-surface rims in 20 inch?

    Optionally, you can reduce the ground clearance to a minimum, choose from any colour in a polished, matt or shimmering finish, and taint your windows. Whether your virtual workshop will accommodate a performance beast or a show and shine gem can be determined by exchanging and fitting, respectively, the following add-on parts (the range of options may vary for each car model):
    - Rims - Hood
    - Front and rear bumpers - Fenders
    - Headlights - Air chutes
    - Side skirts - Air inlets
    - Spoilers - Vinyls
    - Lips - Mirrors
    Make sure that the completed masterpieces get the attention they deserve by sharing them with your own circle of friends on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

    Have fun tuning!

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Jurtin Gernot GesmbH · 7,4km
Poststrasse 2
5310 Mondsee
Tel.: 06232 4084

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