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  • Fourplay… Dominik’s Golf 4 R32It’s the year 2001. Ten-year old Dominik Pruss from Laubenzedel in the heart of the Franconian Lake District is already dreaming of a Golf 4 R32. Dominik’s heart skips a beat every time he sees and hears the six-cylinder.

    MAGAZINE » Blog | 09.12.2016 | 35 ViewsFourplay… Dominik’s Golf 4 R32
  • Essen Motor Show: gasoline brothers on the rocks In cold winters time every car enthusiast is warmly welcomed at Essen Motor Show. Dotz is in the middle with his DD1

    MAGAZINE » Blog | 01.12.2016 | 227 ViewsEssen Motor Show: gasoline brothers on the rocks
  • ALCAR AdeventcalendarBe part of a 24-day thrill ride! In December, we’re going full throttle once again to make the anticipation before Christmas even more gleeful. ALCAR, the parent company of DOTZ, has put together a unique Advent calendar with fantastic gifts worth more than 7,000 EUR!

    MAGAZINE » Blog | 30.11.2016 | 37 ViewsALCAR Adeventcalendar
  • A new year brings new performance: DOTZ SP5!Welcome to the dark side of power! The new DOTZ SP5 dark guarantees an aggressive appearance that will leave a lasting, unforgettable impression.

    MAGAZINE » Blog | 23.11.2016 | 380 ViewsA new year brings new performance: DOTZ SP5!

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    Get the stylish Dotz app and put the blingest rims on your ride.
    DotzTV - 15.04.2016 | Dotz Touge drift in the Austrian Alps | 301 Views
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