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  • Teamrider Daniel with his Skoda Superb Daniel Beck from Weißenburg in Bavaria has been a Dotz team driver for more than four years now. In 2016, we had already presented to you his white Skoda Superb 2.0 TDI with 170 hp.

    MAGAZINE » Blog | 11.08.2017 | 498 ViewsTeamrider Daniel with his Skoda Superb
  • The brake linesAfter Daniel and Christian realised in the last episode that the brake lines were terminally rusted, the two decided to carry out a complete renewal.

    MAGAZINE » Blog | 10.08.2017 | 115 ViewsThe brake lines
  • The fuel system is giving us a hard timeIn the seventh episode of our DD2.JZ project, Christian and Daniel had to thwart all their previous plans. They initially thought of using the BMW Z4’s original tank. However, its disadvantageous construction has forced them to find an individual solution.

    MAGAZINE » Blog | 03.08.2017 | 296 ViewsThe fuel system is giving us a hard time
  • The 2JZ GTE gets a face-lift!In our sixth video, we show you how Daniel and Christian enhance the looks of the 2JZ GTE engine they have just removed from the front cut. After all, we want our DD2 to look impressive not only on the racetrack but also on various exhibitions.

    MAGAZINE » Blog | 27.07.2017 | 530 ViewsThe 2JZ GTE gets a face-lift!

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    DotzTV - 01.08.2017 | DD2.JZ: Episode 6 | 1180 Views
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