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  • Kulturschock 2016 by Eurospotter on August 21, 2016Eurospotter hosted the Kulturschock 2016 on August 21 in Newcastle, England.

    MAGAZINE » Blog | 26.09.2016 | 59 ViewsKulturschock 2016 by Eurospotter on August 21, 2016
  • DOTZ wheels don´t need hibernation!Do the math. Come and visit to join our world of science and choose between three unique endurance tests for our alloy wheels.

    MAGAZINE » Blog | 20.09.2016 | 55 ViewsDOTZ wheels don´t need hibernation!
  • Toyota Supra: Japan at it's bestAlmost six years of renovation works did Herbert Hamal put into his Toyota Supra. The 1993 JZA80 with his outfit is not only a road samurai, but would also be the big star at every Touge race.

    MAGAZINE » Blog | 18.08.2016 | 1309 ViewsToyota Supra: Japan at it's best
  • Raceism 2016 in Wroclaw From July 8 to 10, the Raceism Clique from Poland staged the 7th edition of their tuning exhibition. Regardless of BMWs or Subarus, the motto was crystal clear: we’re going low, nice and clean.

    MAGAZINE » Blog | 12.08.2016 | 521 ViewsRaceism 2016 in Wroclaw

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    DotzTV - 15.04.2016 | Dotz Touge drift in the Austrian Alps | 301 Views
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