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  • BMW M2 Coupé, ultimate fun in a white outfitIt’s a Saturday morning. Leobersdorf – a small municipality in Lower Austria populated by barely 5,000 – is in a deep slumber of blissful peace and the first sunrays. There’s no better way to start such a Saturday morning than with a composition of power and sound laced with a sporty, beastly note in the form of a BMW M2 Coupé.

    MAGAZINE » Blog | 13.07.2016 | 251 ViewsBMW M2 Coupé, ultimate fun in a white outfit
  • King of Europe 2016: DOTZ teamrider Pamper leadsTwo rounds of the European driftseries King of Europe are completed. DOTZ teamrider Alois Pamper becoming the sensation of the season.

    MAGAZINE » Blog | 24.06.2016 | 118 ViewsKing of Europe 2016: DOTZ teamrider Pamper leads
  • XS Carnight 2016 in BerlinLegendary Berlin Olympic Stadium does not only host football games but also one of the best tuning shows in Europe.

    MAGAZINE » Blog | 10.06.2016 | 458 ViewsXS Carnight 2016 in Berlin
  • Tom’s lowered Silver Surfer on 20’’ Dotz RevvoThe 2008 Audi TT silver coupe crouches on the tarmac as low as she can go. For his so-called daily driver, 29-year-old Tom Havertz from Aachen just wouldn’t compromise on lowness and lingering glances.

    MAGAZINE » Blog | 06.06.2016 | 305 ViewsTom’s lowered Silver Surfer on 20’’ Dotz Revvo

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    DotzTV - 15.04.2016 | Dotz Touge drift in the Austrian Alps | 301 Views
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