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  • Fits. Matches. Wiggles and has air. In this episode, we’re moving ahead with big steps. As the well-attuned duo has already done the perfect groundwork, the Toyota aggregate is installed in the BMW body in no time.

    MAGAZINE » Blog | 21.09.2017 | 28 ViewsFits. Matches. Wiggles and has air.
  • Alloy rims against roadsalt and ice - Our insider tip: SR3At car owners enter a special kind of laboratory where alloy rims are tested for winter use under the toughest conditions.

    MAGAZINE » Blog | 19.09.2017 | 42 ViewsAlloy rims against roadsalt and ice - Our insider tip: SR3
  • Custom-made engine suspensionIn our 11th episode, Daniel and Christian are trying to install the Toyoto engine in the BMW Z4 body. Since the 2JZ.GTE engine was mounted on completely different points on the body of the former Toyota Aristo, the two technology freaks must build their own engine and gearbox suspension.

    MAGAZINE » Blog | 05.09.2017 | 274 ViewsCustom-made engine suspension
  • Back in Black – the DOTZ SP5 Black EditionIt’s an eye-catcher, it has style and oozes a belligerent attitude: the DOTZ SP5 Black Edition. It proves all of this and a tad more on a white Golf VII GTI Performance; a car that combines, just like the SP5, daily use suitability with a sporting spirit.

    MAGAZINE » Blog | 31.08.2017 | 410 ViewsBack in Black – the DOTZ SP5 Black Edition

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    DotzTV - 01.08.2017 | DD2.JZ: Episode 6 | 1496 Views
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