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  • Team rider Falk Jordan and his KIA Ceed called „The Wide One”Sometimes things don’t turn out the way you expect. Falk Jordan can tell you a thing or two about it because what had started in 2015 as a Mother’s Day gift for Falk’s wife, gradually took a different shape than initially planned.

    MAGAZINE » Blog | 22.06.2017 | 26 ViewsTeam rider Falk Jordan and his KIA Ceed called „The Wide One”
  • A Place Beyond a Boy’s Wildest Dreams Shortly after the break of dawn, the boys from RP-Tools were ready to transform our old warehouse into a fully equipped workshop.

    MAGAZINE » Blog | 22.06.2017 | 55 ViewsA Place Beyond a Boy’s Wildest Dreams
  • German Beauty Meets Japanese MuscleIt is time: our DD1 needs a successor. With a new brand car (DD2) Dotz is launching a historical project

    MAGAZINE » Blog | 13.06.2017 | 210 ViewsGerman Beauty Meets Japanese Muscle
  • One Team, One Goal – the DOTZ DD2.JZIf you want to realise a successful project, you need to bring together the best minds. Since all good things come in threes, DOTZ has completed its team around the project car with Daniel Koltay and Stefan Rötzer.

    MAGAZINE » Blog | 12.06.2017 | 144 ViewsOne Team, One Goal – the DOTZ DD2.JZ

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    See how your preferred tuning wheel looks on your car - virtual bling in a matter of minutes!

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    Create your individual dream car - in high quality 3D!

  • Pimp Your Phone
    Get the stylish Dotz app and put the blingest rims on your ride.
    DotzTV - 22.06.2017 | DOTZ DD2.JZ | 0 Views
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